Who should read Gods and Gears?

Everyone! We’ve created a story that’s for all ages by design. It’s not just “all ages” because it doesn’t have bad words (it doesn’t) or because it has talking gorillas (it does). We wanted a story that reminded us of the “sword and sorcery” adventure stories of our youth; a story that takes you to fun places and exciting situations. There’s a little bit of magic, a lot of action, and characters that everyone can relate to and root for.

How can I get Gods and Gears?

Easy! Add it to your pull list at your local comic shop, along with all of your other favorite books. Or if you prefer to have things delivered directly, you can buy Gods and Gears online directly from Alterna Comics.

How much does Gods and Gears cost?

Only a buck fiddy! Seriously, only $1.50! What a sweet deal!

What’s so great about newsprint comics?

Uh, how about everything? Yeah, okay, we’re old dudes so we have some nostalgia about newsprint comics -- it smells good! It feels nice! It’s just like the old days! -- but also it prints really nicely and allows us to tell a big, beautiful story without the big, beautiful cost. That keeps the price low for YOU, so that you can save some money for buying silly putty.

How can fans help spread the word?

Firstly, thank you. It means so much that you’d want to help! [insert humbled emoji here] If you enjoyed the book, tell a friend! Tell your local comic shop. Encourage your local retailers to stock Alterna Comics - including Gods and Gears - so that more people can grow to love the excellent stories that we’re creating.

Gods and Gears merch?

It’s coming! What exactly would you like to see? Do you need more shirts? Tote bags? Keychains? Balloons? Tweet at us with the merch you’d like to see! Join the mailing list to find out when new items are available.

I saw that you’re offering a comic book display for retailers. Will my local comic shop get one?

Ooh, we hope so! Feel free to spread the word to your favorite shops, it’s open to all retailers! You can also help them reach their minimum by adding Gods and Gears to your pull list and encouraging your friends to do the same. Retailers need to order 20 copies of Gods and Gears Issue 1 to qualify for the free display.

Okay, but I kinda like the display too… can I have one?

At the moment, the displays that we have are going to retailers. But we’re tossing around a few ideas to get some to the fans, too. To make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up for our mailing list and follow us on our social channels: Twitter, Instagram.