Gods and Gears

I’m not a retailer, can I get in on this good stuff?

Sorry, buddy, not today. We’ve got some cool swag and prizes for Readers and Fans, though! Check out this page for more details.

Gimme that 50% discount code!

Heck yes, friend! Click here to send us an email with your details and we’ll send it to you ASAP. If email feels too formal, you can drop us a direct message via Instagram or Twitter instead - just include your name, the name of your store/shop, and a link to your store’s online presence (website, social account, etc.).

Where do I redeem the 50% off code?

Go to AlternaAccess.com to place your order; at check out you’ll see an opportunity to use a promo code. The discount will apply to ALL the items in your cart. Woo hoo!

Gimme that display!

Aww yiss! If you order a minimum of 20 copies of Gods and Gears Issue 1 from AlternaAccess.com, a display will automatically be shipped to you. No fuss, no muss.

I’ve ordered Gods and Gears from Diamond already, can I still get the display?

Yep yep yep… we just need to get that info from you, since Diamond keeps those details private. Just send us the details on this form and attach copies of your receipts and we’ll send one out to you right away.

I’ve ordered some copies from Diamond, but want to order more to meet the 20 quantity minimum - can I still get the display?

YES! Just send us the details on your orders via this form to show that you’ve purchased 20 in total and we’ll ship out your display right away.

Who’s the brains behind this operation?

This promo is being offered and managed by the Gods and Gears creative team - Ryan Winn, Dean Kotz, and Wes Locher - with super support from the gracious people at Alterna Comics.

Can I buy more of the displays?

We will be offering additional displays and customizations in the near future. Join our Get In Gear mailing list to be alerted when they become available. In the meantime, you’ve surely got some creative customers that you could ask for suggestions. We bet it wouldn’t look bad with a cape or a cowl or maybe some glitter? No display is never not improved by adding googly eyes.

How many hours will this thing take to assemble?

Hmm… well, we can’t speculate on how long it will take you to assemble the display, but it only took us about a minute. Want some help? Written instructions come with every display and we’ve also created a YouTube video showing the process step-by-step.

How will I receive my display?

If you’ve met the quantity minimum within a single order from AlternaAccess.com, a display will be included in the box with your books. Those shipments come from the East Coast of the United States. If you’re completing the form to combine quantities from previous orders, your display will ship from Southern California via US Postal Mail. Delivery times are generally 3-5 business days for continental US mail; states outside the continent or delivery to regions outside the US may take a few additional days.

How do I submit receipts for credit toward this promo?

This promotion allows retailers to combine previous orders together to achieve the 20 quantity purchase minimum to receive the free display. We do NOT have access to receipts/order details from Diamond to verify purchases - you will need to supply them to us.

Please note: This step is only necessary if you want to combine multiple orders to reach the 20 quantity minimum. If you order 20 qty or more via AlternaAccess.com, your display will be included with your order automatically.

When you placed your order with Diamond or AlternaAccess, you will have received a receipt/invoice via email or fax (which ever you have designated as your preferred method with your Sales Rep). To share with us, please create a PDF or IMAGE FILE (jpg, png, etc) that shows your order details, including confirmation number and quantity of Gods and Gears Issue 1 that you have ordered. You will attach these files when you submit this form.

PLEASE REMOVE OR REDACT SENSITIVE OR PRIVATE INFORMATION. We do not want to see your credit card number or banking details. Please DO NOT send us that information.

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Gods and Gears


Gods and Gears